Summer Clubs 2024

After last year's successful Ecological Statistics Summer Club, we're putting together two new summer clubs for the Summer of 2024! 

Shark Statistics Summer Club
AI for Baseball Summer Club

What are the summer clubs about? It's an opportunity for students in the Statistics Specialist program in the Department of Statistical Sciences at the University of Toronto to conduct research in a casual group setting without the need to put a lot of time into it. It's also an opportunity for those who may want to gain research experience but are not sure where to start.

Last year's Ecological Statistics Summer Club worked with the Shark Lab to analyze juvenile white shark movements and we're currently writing up a research paper for publication. Students who actively participated will all be co-authors! 

Who can join? 

If you are a student in the Statistics Specialist program at the University of Toronto, you're welcome to join! DoSS graduate students/postdocs can also join. Students with some coding experience and math/stats background will likely be more able to participate but you can join at any level. Click the links above for more information about each research summer club.

Others may be able to join if there's sufficient space available.